Collecting some personal websites that I’ve enjoyed and maybe a note on what piqued my interest.

Joel Hooks

This blogpost by Joel Hooks, where he talks about his blog as a ‘digital garden’, puts words to just what I was thinking when I started building this iteration of my personal website. It’s not a news feed where I constantly update about everything that I do or think. A post being old doesn’t mean it’s no longer relevant. It’s free form. It’s a place where I put things. Things I’ve made, some experiments, or just noting down a workflow I figured out.

This just makes sense to me. Just like a regular house garden, it’s there for others to visit and enjoy if they want to. But its main purpose is to be there for me to enjoy working in it and tending to it.

We also share initials, so that’s cool.

Sara Vieira

Sara is fucking funny and builds things that are as interesting as they are stupid. Check out her talk Buid Dumb Shit while you’re at it.